About the Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop

Family Owned & Operated for Over 45 Years

Located in the heart of Amish country, this is a place you don’t want to miss! Since it was established 1972, the Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop has remained a family owned and operated business. It has changed hands a few times, but still remained family owned and operated. Many of the recipes used today are tried and true recipes that were used since the Bake Shop opened in 1972.

Calvin & Janell Groff and their family are the current owners of the Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop and are working diligently at preserving the many recipes that have been passed down through the generations before to ensure delicious baked goods for the generations to come.

Bus Groups and Tours are Welcome!

Calvin and Janell Groff Family

Calvin & Janell Groff Family
Rachelle, Trevor, Ashlyn, Hannah and Jeriah